Pc Mods

by Evan-inc. 22. December 2013 19:40

Mods I made to my pc, to add water cooling.

Where the radiator needed to go

Roughing out alignment

Making reference marks for later  

Hole that was created by the water jet, see below for link to the file.

Radiated and fan installed

Link to file mentioned above.

DXF Here: http://evan-inc.com//Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/fan%20mounting.DXF

Solid Works File Here: http://evan-inc.com//Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/fan%20mounting.SLDPRT

Note: the screws I used are #6 – 32 (length varies) and thus the model is tailored as such, take the SW file and modify the clearance hole to change it to match your scenario.


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President's Clock

by Evan-inc. 1. November 2013 16:52

Seen here are some pictures of a clock driver board that I made to track the pulse coming off a clock module and then relay it back to an Arduino.

this is what the board looked like inside the clock

Here is the finished clock module

Here is a picture of the schematic I made that was sent out to a PCB house that made the board and retuned them to us for assembly.


Below is a help doc that I made to document the operation of the clock, it also has many good descriptive images.

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Wire EDM

by Evan-inc. 31. October 2013 19:58

The part you see below is a display we have at IV to show of the capabilities of our WIRE EDM. A wire EDM uses electro discharge erosion to eat away at a part in order to make whatever you desire.

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Omax Water Jet

by Evan-inc. 31. October 2013 19:36

May I present to you, the Omax water jet. The Omax water jet is the tool of choice for many people. I, having been trained on the Omax, definitely prefer it over some of the other CNC cutting options. My school’s welding shop has a CNC plasma cutter and IV has a universal laser cuter, I also have exposure to large CNC laser cutters, ones that could cut steel, and out of all of these options I still prefer the Omax. Water jets have many key advantages that make them much better than any other options, of these the most important ones are cold cut, speed, and rage of cutable materials.  

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