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by Evan-inc. 22. December 2013 19:40

Mods I made to my pc, to add water cooling.

Where the radiator needed to go

Roughing out alignment

Making reference marks for later  

Hole that was created by the water jet, see below for link to the file.

Radiated and fan installed

Link to file mentioned above.

DXF Here: http://evan-inc.com//Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/fan%20mounting.DXF

Solid Works File Here: http://evan-inc.com//Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/fan%20mounting.SLDPRT

Note: the screws I used are #6 – 32 (length varies) and thus the model is tailored as such, take the SW file and modify the clearance hole to change it to match your scenario.


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Video Card Set Up

by Evan-inc. 24. September 2012 08:01

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PC Upgrades I am making.

by Evan-inc. 21. September 2012 07:29


About a week ago I started on my desk upgrade, during this process I decided that I needed a new graphics card, and I thought I would share that with you.  



The card I got will be able to use all my 4 20 inch altar sharp dell monitors (linked above) with full eyefinity support, so I am extremely excited! expect more by Wednesday. 


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