Seattle Power Tool Races

by Evan-inc. 30. October 2013 20:42

For the past 2 years, during my time in IV many of my co-workers and I have participated in an event called the Seattle power tool races.

You can find information here: 

You can also read an article that IV put out about the races here:

The power tool race is a wonderful time to utilize and test your engineering capabilities and push them to the max. In this event you are your own client and as a result you can put as much or as little effort into your racer as you want. As it turns out the amount of planning that goes into these racers is minimal and as a result you are able to try things that you normally would not do. In my case, reversing the direction of an angle grinder, and then welding 2 of them together.

Below you can see the racers that our IV team entered into the races, along with a description.


The racer (above), humbly called “Fork You” is the racer that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it consist of 2 angle grinders and a pitch fork, all purchased at Harbor Freight.

"Fork You" was awarded the "best in show" award seen here below:


This racer named, "The Scoop", was made by a co-worker of mine, Chris, his racer showcases one 7 inch angle grinder geared up with 2 6 in waterweed saw blades for wheels. Unfortunately Chris's racer did not race many times due to break downs.

This racer, “One Trick Pony”, won many awards and was a crowd favorite.

This racer, modeled after a drag race car and was probably the most well engineered racer to have ever entered into the running. Unfortunately it was beat by other racers that were faster than it.

This racer, The “Rat Racer”, was the first motorcycle racer to be entered into the races, and performed quite nicely.

These were the awards we received for our victories that day.

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