My Tripod

by Evan-inc. 11. September 2012 12:10

For 4 years now I have been very active in the video/photo area of life and have accumulated many things. This is the tripod I chose to buy.

The Davis and Sanford pro vista tripod is a very good buy in that it has an amazing head and I have found it to be very good both for photo and video. The only drawback I have found is that the head is mounted on a pressurized shaft, I’m assuming so you can raise it with ease, however because of this I am never able to use the high adjust in the head because if I use it while filming…. There goes my shot and because I have a hard drive based camera the hard drive crashes.   

Over all I recommend this tripod because it is a great package for the price (comes with a dolly)

If I were to run into to money and decided I needed a new one, the one I have my eye on is liked below.  

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Best Buy Ever!

by Evan-inc. 11. September 2012 08:09

Looking for a good mono pod? Don’t worry I got you! Radio shack, sells one of the best mono pods I have ever seen. I have been using this monopod for 2-3 years now and I have not had a problem yet! (Don’t put it in salt water…. Not fun to clean)

Here is a link:


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