Adding FPV to a Blade 350 Qx 3

by Evan-inc. 16. April 2015 16:14

Note this could be easily modified to work a QX 1 or QX 2

Flying with FPV is fun however Blade does not offer any turnkey options for doing so. Here is a quick guide to add FPV in a semi DIY manner.

First a shopping list (these items can be mixed and matched, and not all are necessary, just give a good assortment of items; also these items can be had for cheaper, just do some searching on eBay)

Second; the 350 QX3 has a cable that comes out from the body with ground; 12V; and a PWM signal on it. (Hint, the PWM could be used for a servo that adjusts tilt using the gimbal controls on your controller) Looking at the connector from the front, the top being the side with the latching point  (top is facing us in the picture below; starting from the left the pin order is as follows; Ground; 12V; No Connect; PWM. For this project we only need Ground and 12V. (I recommend checking these pins with a Multimeter)




Real life;

Now Use these pins to run ground and 12V to their respective pins on the FPV Transmitter


Next connect the GoPro cable to the mini USB port on your GoPro; it acts as a video out for our purposes.


Next, connect the other end to the FPV transmitter.


Tape and Zip-Tie your cable and transmitter to look something like this.


When complete;

Keep in mind FPV works on 5.8 GHz not 2.4 (this is what the blade transmitter/receiver uses) thus you should not notice any interference. Tune in your FPV goggles and transmitter per the documentation they came with.


GO Out and FLY!

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Wire EDM

by Evan-inc. 31. October 2013 19:58

The part you see below is a display we have at IV to show of the capabilities of our WIRE EDM. A wire EDM uses electro discharge erosion to eat away at a part in order to make whatever you desire.

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Omax Water Jet

by Evan-inc. 31. October 2013 19:36

May I present to you, the Omax water jet. The Omax water jet is the tool of choice for many people. I, having been trained on the Omax, definitely prefer it over some of the other CNC cutting options. My school’s welding shop has a CNC plasma cutter and IV has a universal laser cuter, I also have exposure to large CNC laser cutters, ones that could cut steel, and out of all of these options I still prefer the Omax. Water jets have many key advantages that make them much better than any other options, of these the most important ones are cold cut, speed, and rage of cutable materials.  

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Video Card Set Up

by Evan-inc. 24. September 2012 08:01

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Best Buy Ever!

by Evan-inc. 11. September 2012 08:09

Looking for a good mono pod? Don’t worry I got you! Radio shack, sells one of the best mono pods I have ever seen. I have been using this monopod for 2-3 years now and I have not had a problem yet! (Don’t put it in salt water…. Not fun to clean)

Here is a link:


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