Christmas Light controller

by Evan-inc. 22. December 2013 20:24

Typical store bought controllers are garbage…. And professional ones are expensive… so I made my own.

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Seen here: a bank of relays and an Arduino

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Close up of the relays, this board can be purchased on amazon for around $20, I got mine at a local store called vetco, link here:

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Close up of Arduino and RTC module, they can both be purchased on amazon, or at vetco



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Overview of the entire device, please note that due to the amount of plugs I used, if every one were to be used I would recommend switching to 240 V instead of 110V. When using 240 you can use 1 leg for half the light and the other for the rest, this will ensure you do not over tax the breaker. Please keep in mind that I used a WatStop to verify I was not pulling to many amps with this system.



Below is a link to a zip files containing all the code I have to the light, please not he code is rough and does need refinement, this code is open source, so use it however you wish.



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