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by Evan-inc. 22. December 2013 19:40

Mods I made to my pc, to add water cooling.

HD Link: http://evan-inc.com/Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/1.JPG  

Where the radiator needed to go

HD Link: http://evan-inc.com/Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/2.JPG  

Roughing out alignment

HD Link: http://evan-inc.com/Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/3.JPG  

Making reference marks for later  

HD Link: http://evan-inc.com/Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/4.JPG  

Hole that was created by the water jet, see below for link to the file.

HD Link: http://evan-inc.com/Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/5.JPG  

Radiated and fan installed

Link to file mentioned above.

DXF Here: http://evan-inc.com//Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/fan%20mounting.DXF

Solid Works File Here: http://evan-inc.com//Evan-inc_data/Pictues/12.22.2013/fan%20mounting.SLDPRT

Note: the screws I used are #6 – 32 (length varies) and thus the model is tailored as such, take the SW file and modify the clearance hole to change it to match your scenario.


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